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Simple Colour Organ

This is a simple, one lamp colour organ. It is far less complicated then the Three Channel Colour Organ. It is simply a lamp controlled by an SCR. It can be built in a few minutes, and combined with other circuits to make some pretty neat effects.


This is the schematic of the Simple Colour Organ


Total Qty.
R1 1 500 Ohm Pot
T1 1 500 Ohm/500 Ohm Matching Transformer 1K/1K Matching Transformer
SCR1 1 C106Y SCR 106B, Teccor S2003LS1
L1 1 10-100 Watt Lamp
MISC 1 Case, Board, Socket For L1, Line Cord


1. L1 can be any 10-100 Watt lamp.

2. R1 adjusts sensitivity. The greater the resistance, the less sensitive the colour organ becomes.

3. Since this project is powered by 120 VAC, it must be installed in a case.

4. You can also use the Teccor S2003LS1 SCR for SCR1. These give better sensitivity and brightness than the C106Y units.

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