Model and remote control schematics

  1. 0-10V control for RC servos
  2. 2-Channel UHF Relay Switch (PDF)
  3. 27.145MHz Rx
  4. 27.145MHz Tx
  5. A Receive Signal Decoder
  6. A Rolling Code 10-Channel UHF Remote Control (PDF)
  7. A Rolling Code 4-Channel UHF Remote Control (PDF)
  8. A signal braking module
  9. Clap Activated Remote
  10. Downed Model Locator
  11. Downed Model Locator II
  12. Emergency Locator Alarm
  13. Four Channel Wireless Transmitter and Receiver (PDF)
  14. Handy Cricket Hardware Description
  15. How to build a 300MHz AM remote control
  16. L.M.R.G. Incline Railway System
  17. Maximum Altitude Recording Altimeter
  18. Model Aircraft Glow Plug Driver (PDF)
  19. Model railroad train detector photocell
  20. Model rocket launch controller
  21. MiniSumo Mark III Controller Board (PDF)
  22. Multi Rocket Launcher
  24. Radio Control Battery Backup
  25. Radio Remote Control using DTMF
  26. Remote Controlled AV Switch
  27. Remote control using telephone
  28. Remote control using VHF modules
  29. RF pad (doubles as serial-pad)
  30. RF Remote Controller
  31. Rocket Timer
  32. Seaplane Schematic
  33. Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
  34. Throat Muscle Controller
  35. Teleremote Control
  36. The P5v2 5-motor walker circuit
  37. Universal Flight Controller (PDF)
  38. Universal Remote Controlled Lamp Dimmer (PDF)
  39. Wireless Control Manual (PDF)


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