Do you wish to see how do you get along with your consort, with your children, with your parents or your colleagues from work? Perhaps your children fight all the time and you do not now what is the cause of that! Calculate yourself matching factors for persons you care for. It is enough to import birth dates for person A and persons B and click on COMPATIBILITY button. Date sequence has no importance, i.e. it is not substantial whether person A is younger or older than person B. Compatibility consists of 3 components. As you can guess, as it is the case in biorhythm, it is physical, emotional and intellectual matching. Of course, there is also total matching as the result of these three components. Compatibility reports in percentages and it is always non-negative value in range from 0 to 100%. In case of consort’s compatibility, all three components are important. In case of sportsmen that are part of the team, relevant factors are physical and intellectual matching. With colleagues from work that work on join project, the most important factor is factor of intellectual matching. Most frequently, you will interpret the results yourself, because you know persons involved. Always have in mind that, mathematically speaking, it is perfectly correct calculation. If you believe that biorhythm exists, you can be sure that calculated compatibility factors are accurate. Eventually, you must know following. As the old saying bespeaks that nothing exceeded is good, practice showed the same case here. Namely, neither extremely small nor extremely large compatibility are favorable (especially not on emotional aspect). It two persons in the same moment are in good mood, that is OK. But if two persons in the same moment are depressed, angry or anxious – there is an excellent reason for fight. Respecting that aspect, optimal value for emotional matching factor is from 45% to 95%. It is similar in physical and intellectual matching factor. We should mention one more thing: that dates must be in range from 14.12.1901. to 19.01.2038., due to server limitation of UNIX operative system for this application.

Enter dates in form DD.MM.YYYY. Example (31.12.1982.)
Enter date-of-birth for person A:
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